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The Addictions of Japanese People

Ernesto: Have you seen the cat’s photo i sent to you? Yuko: Yes! Ernesto: Yuko, what is your addiction Yuko: Clean and sort Ernesto: Well, but we are not here in Akihabara (秋葉原) to talk about our addictions but to talk about the addictions of Japanese people, because Japanese people have a lot of them, right? Yuko: Of course, just like everyone else. In Spanish, “addiction” is something bad, or good?… What does it mean?

Because some people are addicted to alcohol and others are addicted to run Ernesto: To “Running”, right? Yuko: Being addict to alcohol is something very bad, but being addict to run is something very good Ernesto: For example, i am addict to “Calpis Soda (カルピスソーダ)” Yuko: Oh, Yeah! Ernesto: There’s also people addicted to figures… here we have some of this figures But this addiction is a minority in Japan Today we are going to talk about real addictions. It is typical that when you talk about addictions in Japan they are always like phone, tecnology or Internet addiction and the typical picture of the people on the train comes out, looking at their phone. Okay, we already have headlines, we have head photography, but we need something that hooks people We need… a japanese product!

Ok? We already induced you to click on the news, now let’s talk seriously Why all of this exist? Why there are waterproof producst for the smartphone, for books… there are even TV’s made to be watch inside a shower Yuko: Even for School supplies, to study… Ernesto: It’s true! Yuko: The notes! Ernesto: In the last video we show a notepad to study inside the bath, in the Ofuro (風呂) When this news on the internet talk about the addiction of the Japanese to the mobile phone or internet they always relate them to these products, to use the smartphone inside the water, inside the bath, the Ofuro the only thing this does, is to bring confusion to the readers because it is nothing more than a cultural misunderstanding It is something as simple as the meaning of taking a bath in your country or mine is not the same as in Japan Yuko: A lot of Japanese houses have a large bathtub called Ofuro (風呂) and the Japanese love to bath after showering It’s a japanese culture, very typical and it is said that if you bath you take away the fatigue In other countries I think that after a shower you go to sleep or to the sofa to relax yourself there you watch TV or uses the smartphone or send messages… the same happens in Japan, some Japanese do not go to the sofa or go to sleep.

They just watch the TV or the smartphone In the bathtub this is why there is a lot of news about the Japanese having so much internet addiction so they need to take it to the bathtub. But in reality is the same Ernesto: It is true! One on the sofa and one in the bathtub, right? Yuko: Yes The truth is that it can be misleading, especially for a person who comes to Japan for the first time and gets on a train for the first time and sees all those people sitting there just looking at their phones, or even standing it can give the sensation that people here are addicted to your phone or internet … Of course, there are people addicted to his smartphone, Yuko said it at the beginning Yuko: “Of course, just like everyone else.”

Ernesto: But I say it can be misleading because it may be that the person you are watching right now on the train with his phone perhaps it’s the only moment that he has free to look at it. We are not very friends of polls but looking at these two we have found the truth is that, the use of internet in the mobile phone, and the use of the phone in general, in Japan, is not that high, in fact it is much lower than in other countries like U.S. or U.K. Yuko: Maybe they are not looking at the internet. Some read manga or books with the phone or playing…. with the phone Is that many Japanese spend a lot of time away from home [Many workers spend more than 3 hours a day on the journey from home to work] and taking advantage of that moment the watch internet or something, play…

So, APP games or also Nintendo DS or PSVita are so popular in Japan Ernesto: More than tabletop consoles (Like Playstation4 or Xboxone) Yuko: hm, yes. Although there are Japanese addicted to internet or mobile, it is not the worst addiction In japan, there are others much worse than those Look! it’s like me!, he has a big tummy Then, if it is not the internet, nor the mobiles, what is the biggest addiction spread among the Japanese? and that the government is not interested in stopping it We are referring to gambling [Almost 5% of the population of Japan is addicted to gambling] to games like pachinko (パチンコ), to gambling in general (I’m going to stop here because there’s a lot of wind, dude) (Wind dude!, wind!) When we refer to gambling we are not referring to “online games” That, of course, there are also people addicted to online gambling But it doesn’t even come close to the addiction that exists with the pachinko Well, but, what is “pachinko”?, right Yuko? We are talking about Pachinko but there’s people who doesn’t even know what it is!

Pachinko is Hell Yuko: Pachinko is hell Ernesto: We are right now in front of the doors of a pachinko and there is no noise, wait for us to enter Yuko: I can not be here! Ernesto: The one who is there for an hour is ok … but the one that works there… imagine how his ears are Ok! no the important thing is to know what happens inside that hell how this game work The way it works is that you give money to the machine and you then win balls Yuko: Or medals Ernesto: Sorry if it’s a bit windy here but we don’t know where to take cover Anyway, watching the pachinko looks like an innocent game, right? It’s a game with balls, and that’s it!

Well, “playing with balls does not sound so innocent” but anyway… The fact is that the pachinko can be a game of chance but you do not win prizes like money or things of value but, made law, made the trap In Japan bets, gambling casinos and all that are forbidden i think What happens is that when you receive the balls or medals, you can change them for gold bars Or innocent gifts But to receive money from those gold bars, you change them in another establishment outside, not in the pachinko In some place has to be that establishment, we do not know where, but near the pachinko, right?. You can change them for money there Yuko: Yes Ernesto: What prizes can be … What are the most common prizes in a pachinko, Yuko? Yuko: First of all food, candies I remember that when my father went to the pachinko he always brought me chocolate but also anything, such as branded handbags Restaurant discount There are many things, like in a supermarket Ernesto: Earplugs are not one of the prizes… right?

Yuko: What?… I think that, in order to understand that kind of addiction, one must first understand the character and culture of the Japanese When the Japanese start’s with a hobby, they treat it as a second job he wants to try hard, wants to improve And if they start something they do not leave it so easily That’s why they seem to have an addiction Some go out to take pictures and have very good cameras, such as professionals and they spend a lot of time practicing There are people who go out to run and spend a lot of time… for example, some of them register for a race Ernesto: Oh, yeah, the marathon, right? Yuko: yeah, yeah, the marathon Many young people want to play video games and they try hard and some of them go to the “GameCenter” Ernesto: Do you know that there are professional videogame championships? Yuko: Yes, I played a lot too I was addicted to “Taiko” and i have an app in my smartphone We are going to a game center to play “Taiko no”!! [“Taiko no tatsujin” 太鼓の達人] In order not to have copyright problems we had to “modify” the video Ernesto: You’re skilled! but i was already suffocated for being in there for me, the videogames… That’s why you’re not going to see me playing a video game, never well… never say never Yuko: but today we’re going to “The yellow M”, “McDonalds” Because it says that there’s an ice cream with …[NOISE]… flavor Sakura flavor!

(Cherry) Ernesto: Are bigger than I expected Is a bit weird to have coffee and ice cream, but you have to compensate cold and heat Well, it’s a shame, now that we have sat down and seen it well … is not that big… by the way, you can put more in here!! Yuko: I don’t know what kind of flavor is this It’s great! Ernesto: Yeah? it tastes like the Sakura tree? Yuko addictions guys… Yuko addictions Yuko: 美味しいよね (Oishī yo ne) {It is delicious} These pink things are crisp Ernesto: Well… i didn’t like it at all Yuko: I liked it! Ernesto: The fact that we have focused on talking about internet addiction, the addition to mobile phones on one side and at the other one about the Pachinko’s one Is because the addiction to mobile phones is not as much as it seems, but addiction to pachinko and other games of chance if it is widespread and is a big problem for society.

Not only for people who live alone but also for families. People who end up with a huge debt and eventually end up stealing, taking money from their own family or even doing worse things, such as suicide We do not know where this subject will end there has even been talk of constructing casinos in Japan thing that until now, did not exist… i think! Yuko: There are also people who bet on horse races, motorcycles, bikes, ships… there is a lot of… Ernesto: So, basically all the things that can run… Yuko: Yes Ernesto: …you can bet on it Yuko: Yes, you can bet on it and many people are ruined because of that Ernesto: ごち? (Earthquake) Yuko: さーさまですか (Are you serious?)

[{Note: not 100% sure!}] Yuko: So, what’s your addiction? Ernesto: My addiction is… you! Well, I do not think I need to say it, but watch out for addictions which are not good, bring’s nothing good.

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