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With the World Trade Organization ruling in the favor of the tiny island of Antigua, it would serve the US well to come up with a pretty decent offer to settle the issue. Instead they haven’t – much to the dismay of both Antigua and many US residents.

The US will not allow online gambling, which has left Antigua without much of their income as that is how they make their money. The WTO sided with the tiny nation as the US was unwilling to honor trade pacts when it came to online gambling.

Antigua and Barbuda had agreed to hold off on arbitration proceedings at the WTO until the end of March – so that the proposal could be considered and a counterproposal could be made. The US, in all of its arrogance, missed the deadline and then sent a proposal that is not acceptable.

The offer was discussed by the Antigua Cabinet but was not well received. They are expected to make a statement saying that the offer has “not been met favorably.” The nation says that they had sent them a proposal last January, and expected back a decent counteroffer by the deadline, and neither of those two things happened.

They say that they are looking to “agree on the press statement” that both countries can follow the decisions on both sides.

It seems that the owner of ePassporte has a beef with a merchant over his girlfriend and has denied him an account because of it. The owner has been dating a woman who is a model, and her photos appeared on a website two years ago.

However, when the man that owned the model site tried to apply for an ePassporte account, he was denied by the owner himself because “his girlfriend’s photos were appearing on his site.” The man who took the photos says that the girlfriend signed a release and they were sold, but this does not matter to the “professionals” at ePassporte.

The man who owns the website was told that if he wanted an account, he was going to have to remove the photos from his site. Many other sites that have used the company in the past for their processing of online gambling transactions have reportedly had problems in their dealings with him – so they say that it is no wonder that something like this would happen.

They also point out that the company has a US address, which makes them a target for the US government because of their processing of online gambling transactions. This is strictly prohibited in the country, and merchants may want to be cautious using them.

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