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Casino issue won big with absentee voters

Perhaps the days of heavily publicized forehead tattoos and holy cheese toast purchases are coming to a close here in the good ole US of A, for it looks as if Golden Casino will be officially ceasing all acceptance of American players come December 1, 2009. Oh wait, that was Golden Palace Casino, which it just so happens, has long been closed to U.S. players – shortly following the passing of the UIGEA.

Okay, so maybe Golden Casino didn’t have a “museum of oddities” per say, but they certainly held a similar lion’s share of U.S. online gambling traffic similar to what Golden Palace Casino once took in.

And all that will soon be changing. American Golden Casino players have hitherto been enjoying a loop hole within the 2005 UIGEA, only making it illegal to make direct payments to an online gambling operator.

However, now it seems these “indirect” payments have gotten too close for comfort for Golden Casino, as legal pressure has apparently begun mounting for the popular online casino to pull out of the United States for good. Just last month, a bank account apparently traced back to Golden Casino was seized with $365,000. I suppose you could call it pressure or blackmail? Take you pick. Either way, it’s Golden Casino’s new owners who perceive a growing threat.

Indeed, it looks as if much of the shift to back out of the U.S. is due to a pending change in the ownership of Golden Casino, as a casino rep explained in a brief statement,

“Golden Casino is in the process of being sold, and under the new ownership, Golden Casino will no longer be accepting new players from the U.S. as of December 1, 2009.”

Details of the sale have not been disclosed as of yet, although it is a given that Hambledon N.V. (current owners of Golden Casino) are working to have the deal go through.

It also looks as if Golden Casino will continue using Vegas Technology Software, which licenses some of the most popular U.S. facing online casinos in business today. The large hole left by Golden Casino will also profit many U.S. facing RTG Casinos, who along with Vegas Technology, truly offer the absolute best online casino betting options to U.S. players..

Current U.S. account holders at Golden Casino need not worry about losing their account privileges at Golden Casino, for the change in ownership will only be affecting future players and not any players or affiliates who previously held accounts with Golden Casino.

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